Dissertation defense Sheila van Berkel

sheila van BerkelOn Tuesday March 10, Sheila van Berkel will defend her thesis Growing up Together. The thesis reports on the longitudinal Boys will be boys? project , focusing on fathers’ and mothers’ interactions with two children within one family as well as interactions between the siblings.

See also two publications from Sheila’s thesis:

Van Berkel, S.R., Van der Pol, L.D., Groeneveld, M.G., Endendijk J.J., Hallers-Haalboom E.T., Mesman, J., & Bakermans-Kranenburg M.J. (in press). To share or not to share: Parental, sibling, and situational influences on sharing with a younger sibling. International Journal of Behavioral Development.

Van Berkel, S.R., Groeneveld, M.G., Mesman, J., Endendijk J.J., Hallers-Haalboom E.T., Van der Pol, L.D., & Bakermans-Kranenburg M.J. (in press). Parental Sensitivity Towards Toddlers and Infant Siblings Predicting Toddler Sharing and Compliance. Journal of Child and Family Studies.