Judi Mesman

Judi Mesman is full professor of Diversity in Parenting and Development (CV). She received her PhD in 2000 at Erasmus University Rotterdam and did her postdoc at the Centre for Child and Family Studies at Leiden University. It was there that she developed a research program focusing on the role of culture and gender in early parent-child interactions, resulting in the foundation of the Leiden Diversity in Parenting Lab.

Prof. Mesman’s research consists of two interrelated strands. The first is based on the principles of attachment theory combined with insights from cognitive theories to explain individual variations in parenting behavior (from sensitive responsiveness to maltreatment) and child outcomes (from competent to psychopathological). The second explores early gender and ethnic socialization, i.e., the ways that children learn about social categories of people and how these processes may lead to the acquisition of stereotypes and implicit bias.

Standardized observational methods constitute the core of prof. Mesman’s research work, and she is an expert coder of sensitive parenting, parental discipline strategies, parental structuring, child responsiveness,  child compliance, and child aggression.

Prof. Mesman has obtained about 8 million euros worth of competitive research grants and has won two teaching awards. She is active in outreach both at the academic community level, for example with Athena’s Angels, and at the local community level in The Hague, providing a variety of workshops for ethnic minority parents and children.

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Judi Mesman

judi mesman