Diversity in Parenting

judi mesman leiden universityThe Diversity in Parenting Lab is part of the Institute of Education and Child Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Leiden University in the Netherlands and is headed by prof. dr. Judi Mesman (CV), and is affiliated with the Programme for Emotion Regulation and Attachment Research in Leiden (PEARL).

Culture and gender represent some of the most fundamental aspects of people’s identities and are crucial factors explaining diversity in the ways that children are raised and how they develop.

The studies conducted in the Diversity in Parenting Lab investigate the influence of culture and gender on family functioning and child development, and examines socialization processes regarding gender and racial stereotypes and bias in children. We study mothers and fathers with their daughters and sons in different cultural groups within and between countries.

The research program of the Diversity in Parenting Lab is based on the principles of attachment theory combined with insights from cognitive theories to explain individual variations in parenting behavior (from sensitive responsiveness to maltreatment) and child outcomes (from competent to psychopathological). Social-cognitive paradigms are employed to understand the early development of social categorization and parenting processes that relate to stereotype development.


Lorentz workshop ‘Children seen and heard across the globe’ groot succesLorentz Group photo boat

Met 25 deelnemers uit 18 landen van over de hele wereld was de Lorentz workshop ‘Children seen and heard across the globe’ (vervolg op NIAS workshop) een groot succes.

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Judi Mesman new dean of the DeanLeiden University College

Judi Mesman will be embarking on a new adventure starting July 1 (2016), as dean of Leiden University College (LUC), which is the international BA honors program of Leiden University. During my 3-year deanship, I will remain affiliated with the Centre for Child and Family Studies and continue to supervise ongoing (PhD) projects there one day a week. Because the focus of the LUC program is on global challenges, including many issues relevant to diversity from multiple perspectives, there will be interesting opportunities to broaden the Diversity in Parenting research program in terms of collaboration with scholars from other disciplines, and working with students from different countries across the globe.