Diversity in Parenting

judi mesman leiden universityThe Diversity in Parenting Lab is part of the Institute of Education and Child Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Leiden University in the Netherlands and is headed by prof. dr. Judi Mesman (CV).

Culture and gender represent some of the most fundamental aspects of people’s identities and are crucial factors explaining diversity in the ways that children are raised and how they develop.

The studies conducted in the Diversity in Parenting Lab investigate the influence of culture and gender on family functioning and child development, and examines socialization processes regarding gender and racial stereotypes and bias in children. We study mothers and fathers with their daughters and sons in different cultural groups within and between countries.

The research program of the Diversity in Parenting Lab is based on the principles of attachment theory combined with insights from cognitive theories to explain individual variations in parenting behavior (from sensitive responsiveness to maltreatment) and child outcomes (from competent to psychopathological). Social-cognitive paradigms are employed to understand the early development of social categorization and parenting processes that relate to stereotype development.


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We zijn op zoek naar nieuwe medewerkers voor twee projecten.

Voor het project The parenting origins of prejudice (NWO-VICI):

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Voor het project Gender and societal role development (ERC-Consolidator):

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Judi Mesman received NWO-VICI grant

NWO has awarded Judi Mesman the VICI research grant of ca. 1.5 milion Euros for a study on the parenting origins of prejudice. Children often have the same opinions and prejudices about groups of people as their parents. There are indications that parents transmit these consciously and unconsciously. However, we do not know how this transmission works exactly. In this project Mesman investigate how ethnic prejudice is (inadvertently) taught through parenting.
Expected starting date: September 2017.